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I'm a Detroiter who happens to enjoy writing, national parks, orange juice, the performing arts, and fanciful socks. More than anything though, I aspire to be a good husband, father, and citizen.

My Generation.

What will our generation be known as?  Will be the rebels like those in the 1960’s, or will we be like the yuppies?  How will we be defined in history books, or in the folklore of our youth?
I’ve made public comment before about how much potential I think our generation has.  The ability to be so just, so smart, so beautiful. But I almost feel like we are moving to a generation of “I”, selfishness, and introspectiveness.  It is necessary though, we must search our souls to rid our psyches of the last remnants of inequality.  We as a generation have the opportunity to make a huge shake towards a further level of purity and innocence.  But this “I” phenomenon worries me.  It seems as if songs on the radio are in the “I”, that books are written in the first person, and that our thoughts and opinions are qualified by the “I”.  I hear less people expressing opinions, and only stating what they think.  This may seem like it is synonymous, but let me explain why it isn’t.
     Stating what one thinks is saying, “I believe such and such, I make no claim about greater truths, and I use the fact that my opinion is mine, to shield myself from criticism or uncomfortable.  When I say expressing an opinion, I mean that somebody takes more of a chance, and let’s their opinion stand on it’s own, and not qualify their opinion, by saying, “I think that…”.  They might say…”it is true that…”.  I think we need to man up.
     I’ve thought many a time that our generation has an enormous confidence problem.  We have the passion of 1000 tigers, but it’s wasting away, because we wait for someone to take the first step.  You would not believe how many people look off after making eye contact with me.  You would not believe how many people look at the floor when they speak.  I suspect that many people do not listen to IPods at the bus station because they wish to experience music, but just so it gives them a reason not to risk talking to someone else.  We go about our ways, and live in our own little worlds, and wait for someone to touch us.  Was this so 50 years ago?  10 years ago?
     I am certain that we as a generation desire to be connected.  Look at me, I’m flipping posting this entry into a blog, I’m logged onto AIM as we speak right now.  My internet is always on.  My cell phone is always on, and on silent in my pocket.  When I forget my cell phone, I have strange withdrawal symptoms.  I feel as if I’m almost in a haze without it.  I’m certain that we desire to be connected.  However, I think this desire has shifted nuances since the age of the internet.
     I don’t have a TV anymore.  I couldn’t care less.  Now when I watch tv at my home in Rochester, I feel empty.  I feel useless.  I hate watching TV now.  I just did it for the connection.  But now I’ve grown further into wanting to be connected.  Now I want REAL connections to REAL people.  I want people to IM me.  I want people to write on the walls of my facebook.  I want that cute girl upstairs to come down and visit me.  I want to get that acknowledgement from a professor.  Some may say this is a basic human response, but I feel as if it is different.  Depression and suicide rates are higher.  This didn’t happen before.  There has to be a difference.  I don’t think gen y-ers today are capable of handing it.  Why not.  God, I don’t know.  We need more balsy-ness.  I go up and visit the floor above me, almost everyday.  Yet, barely anyone makes that leap to do the same.  Furthermore, the people who come around and visit, do so in groups, or have a routine to fall back on.  That reassurance keeps that coming back.  Once again, some may claim that this is just how people make friends.  But I’m still not convinced.  I have a feeling in my gut that this behavior is different.  I have intuition that something much more serious is present.  I can’t prove, or even give evidence of a damn thing.  But I will one day.
     So that leads me back to what our generation will be defined as.  I don’t know.  I really want to know though.  Perhaps I will have a revelation about the matter soon.

Good Night.

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