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I think I'll start watching the Colbert Report

"Jesse Kornbluth: All Hail Stephen Colbert (You Have to See It to Believe It): "If there was any doubt about Stephen Colbert's genius, it evaporated at the White House Correspondents dinner."

Normally, when I'm watching C-Span it's only a brief flittering through the channels and there's something semi-interesting on that catches my attention. Sometimes it's a speech, other times it's legislative sessions [Once I saw a session that the chambers were nearly empty and legislators were naming Post Offices].

I was flipping through my RSS feeds and saw a link to Stephen Colbert's performance at the White House Correspondents. It was...HILLARIOUS.

With swash-buckling wit and a wonderful interpretation character, Colbert took stabs at President Bush that is seemingly on the tips-of-tongues of all Bush's critics. The difference being, he actually got them out.

Apparently, some first hand accounts of the tape - I watched online on a very low-res version - state President Bush as being "visibly uncomfortable"

See this link too:

Basically what it comes down to, is that the media kind of covered and hid on this one. I read some pieces from the AP, Reuters, and the Tribune (at the request of one of these links), and in my professional opinion as a reporter, it was an absolute debauchery of what the story should've been.

Basically, in covering the dinner Colbert's performance was screaming "Use me as the lead of your story!". These articles could've definitely been very clever, witty, and creative in covering the story.

Honestly, I could've done a better job.

Which leads me to a conclusion.

1. The reporters were not ballsy enough to report this in it's most significant form. They don't even have to write it making Colbert a hero, they could easily get criticism of Colbert's performance too.

2. It was canned by the editors. Hopefully the edit pages of these papers say something about it soon.

All in all, I'm a little dissapointed with the NYTimes this morning- they ran their story AP yesterday.

The Michigan Daily would've been ballsy enough to cover this well, It's a shame that that nation's top newspapers, granted they did write very accurately, didn't angle their stories to give the public who has not and will not watch the tape the full breadth of what happened at the White House Correspondent's dinner.

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